Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Facebook for Baby

Facebook has been such a fun little accidental discovery. I joined because a friend was spending the summer in Canada and she wanted to keep in touch, post pics, etc. With a newborn, I really didn't think much about it til last fall when people started finding me - friends from college, from high school, middle school - and even classmates and friends from NY when I just a little bitty kid. It became quite the firestorm with my brother, my parents and even my inlaws joining. What a hoot.

Well, I came up with the idea for doing a little Facebook for my baby - but not what you might be thinking. I wanted to begin a book for her with the photos and names of people in her life so we can start looking at them daily and making those connections. My husband's entire family lives out of town, so pictures are really going to be key for her knowing/recognizing them.

I compiled pictures of family (I'm still working on family friends & children) and put their names as well as their relation to our daughter. I'm just printing them out and sticking them in a little 97 cent photo book from Walgreens. I've made several copies for home, diaper bag, car, etc. for when we have a few minutes to kill here and there.

Here's an example of what I'm including:


  1. Oh! Please make one for me, too! I can give you a list of all the family! You're so great. She's going to be speaking in sentences by the time she's one! Jackson still refuses to say "grandma," but in the past few days we've been practicing this again - since she's coming to visit tomorrow. Anyway, now I say, "Jackson, can you say grandma?" and he replies, "Door-bell." Everytime. So, now she is "doorbell."
    Anyway, I bet Gianna will LOVE this little book. Great idea!

  2. I made something similar to this for my oldest. I bought a board book and covered it with scrap paper and pictures. All my hubby's and I's family live out of town too. I didn't explain relations, but gave them names. There was Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Great-Grandma,Sibling page, one special cousin, Nana and Papa, Uncle and auntie, Aunties Jess and Becca, and Aunties V and Julia.


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