Saturday, May 23, 2009


...I've cut 3 new once - which apparently explains a LOT to my parents.
...I'm back to my normal awesome sleep schedule so the swelling under my mom's eyes can go down.

...I got a new Tickle me Elmo doll that Mommy scored for NINE BUCKS!
...I got to sit on the lawnmower with Grandpa (but I didn't ride with him since it's not safe.)

...I've been hanging outside with Luke and Mommy while she looks for the marbles she says she lost while she was cooped up inside. :)...I'm really good at balancing and can stand all by myself for little bits at a time...especially when I don't know I'm doing it. parents put gates up because apparently I'm a little too "busy."
...I was surprised to discover that my Mommy's been holding out and that I have a whole cabinet FULL of tupperware....just for me! is good.Love,


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  1. I showed Palmer the last photo, he was so happy to see another baby with chubby arms. Now he's not so self conscious!


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