Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Check your work before you turn it in...

I tried to stay simple with this year's Christmas cards.  I used a picture of the inside of our tree (similar to my blog header) for the background, and then a shot of Gianna in front of the tree.  I know she isn't smiling but I love this picture of her because she got this little shy look on her face right before she smirked, giggled, threw the package and went nuts.

I had them printed at Sams in a 5x7 for only 38 cents per copy. My only regret was that I didn't lighten the background significantly since they tend to print darker that the sample.  Well actually, I THOUGHT that was my only regret.

My husband was kind enough to pick my order up at Sam's when I was out of town and when he called me to tell me he had the Christmas Cards, he asked what the "big one" was for. 
"Big one?" I asked, "I didn't order anything over a 5x7."
 "Well, you may not have ordered one, but you sure as heck got one." he said. 
"What do you mean, 'big'?" I asked desperately trying to imagine what I could have possibly done.
"I'm talking bigger than her, big!" he said
It seems that THIS was picture he was referring to. Same one I used on the card.  Precious, right?

Before I show you what I inadvertantly ordered, think back to school days for a moment.  Remember when your teacher used to always say, "Check your work before you turn it in." and then you thought she was ridiculous because you were SURE everything was written just as you intenteded?  Yeah, well, I just lived the grown-up version of that little scenario.  I don't know HOW in heaven's name I did it, but apprently I checked the box that gave me this humungo print:

I almost fell over when I returned home and saw it.  What in tarnation am I going to do with it other than order 3 more to wallpaper my bathroom?  If I wasn't so scared my parents would hang it over their mantle or try to carry it in their wallet, I'd give it to them.  If I had a White Elephant party to go to, I'd definitely wrap that puppy up and bring it.  I'm tempted to put postage on it and send it as a Christmas card to our Adoption Agency.  Think it might give us an edge? 
And here's the surprising thing: it only cost $7!  Not bad.  Anywhoo - until then, I just have to let Gianna enjoy the company. At least they enjoy spending time together.

Big Sister's Watching you. Hey, maybe this'll be our version of "Elf on a Shelf".

I'm glad little G is growing fond of BIG G.

Merry Christmas and don't forget to check your work! :)

P.S.  I decided to not post much on this new adoption process until there's really big stuff to report.  All my little updates (serving more for a timeline for us) can be found on my ADOPTION BLOG.  Betchya didn't know I had one, huh? :) 
It's also listed on my sidebar under the section called: "Keeping up with...."


  1. Big G is soo funny! Bring her to play group - she can keep the little ones in check...

  2. She never has to be lonely with the "Big G" nearby! BTW loved the stamp of the Christmas card. That is a great idea. You did a wonderful job on the card, Mrs. Creative!

  3. I can't stop laughing. And I can totally see your mom hanging that up somewhere! : )

  4. Oh my gosh, that is so big! But so cute that Gianna loves it!


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