Friday, December 04, 2009

O Christmas Tree...

Growing up, picking out a live tree and cutting it down was never one of our family traditions. We always had an artificial tree - and we've continued that tradition with our little family. A couple of years ago, it was time for a new tree, and we found what I thought was the perfect tree - except they were out of stock. I talked the guy into selling us the model - for CHEAP. It's pre-lit and has tasteful holly berries and pines throughout the branches. It really doesn't need any decorations. But that's just not an option! :)

Last year I wrote a post about the ornaments I collected over the years. Remembering each one is such a delight as I decorate the tree. Here are a few views:

...and my favorite:

I have to admit, I was a little wary of putting the tree up this year with our little tornado toddling around and getting into everything. She's actually doing much better than I expected and is pretty much leaving it alone. I do allow to touch the ornaments, but only with one finger. It works and it's so funny to watch her. I think she feels naughty by touching all the pretties! :)

P.S. You'll notice the wrapped gifts under the tree:

That's my toddler-training strategy. They are just wrapped empty boxes. That way if she rips, opens, throws, pounces upon the boxes....I'm not out money, time, energy. In our house, Santa doesn't come until Christmas Eve after have gone to bed. That's when all the real gifts will appear. :)

Here's a slide show of some meaningful ornaments that I put together last year


  1. Those are all gorgeous photos. You have a BEAUTIFUL tree. The wood panels in the background add to it's beauty!

    ps...I love your header!

  2. Your one finger rule is working very well at my mom's house! It's so simple, wish I would have thought of it!


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