Saturday, December 05, 2009


A typical December day in Southwest Louisiana sports a temperature around 68 degrees. People living elsewhere would think that’s a dream. Louisiana residents pray novenas that they can pull out winter sweaters and coats to wear for at least 20 minutes each “winter.” People start getting crazy when the temp drops below 50. We call that “gumbo weather” here in Cajun Country.

Yesterday, our town went plum-near nuts! Temps were in the 30’s and the weatherman forecasted snow and ice. Schools were closed at noon. People got off work early. The grocery stores were packed and depleted of supplies. Folks were hunkering down for the Louisiana version of a blizzard. :)

Let me rewind a bit to last year on December 11th when our 20 plus year “snow drought” was ended by a surprise nighttime snow fall (and I use the term loosely!) It actually stuck to the ground for several hours. People celebrated and played. It was magical. Gianna was only 5 months old and even though she didn’t know what was going on, I was so tickled to have the miracle of her and the miracle of snow at the same time. We all said, “Now we wait another 20 years for the next snow.”

So, back to yesterday when everyone was waiting excitedly for the snow. We heard reports hat it was snowing in Houston. Woo Hoo. It’s on it’s way! Iain sat down to feed Gianna and I sat at the computer to check Facebook. The status updates were all about kids with their noses press against the windows waiting and wondering if it would really come. 

It was almost 5pm and beginning to darken outside. Then all of a sudden the Facebook status feeds all started posting like crazy……”IT’S SNOWING!!!” they read.

I ran to the window and nearly started hyperventilating. There were gigantic flakes of snow gracefully dancing downward.  Beautiful.  “GIANNA!!! IT’S SNOWING. C’MON!!!! IAIN! GET HER COAT!!!!” She was amused by my reaction. We bundled her up, ran out the front door and she said, “Rain. Rain.”

“Oh no, Gianna. That's not rain. That’s SNOW. It’s SNOWING!” And then all we heard was, “ ‘nowing! ‘nowing!”
 I even got fussed at from my 80 year old neighbor for having her outside. “She’ll catch her death out here!” Ha.
The pics weren’t wonderful….but the memories are.

Our neighbor, Hannah, came over to play with us. She had never seen snow until last year.  Now - two years in a row.  She was excited as we were.

We LOVE Hannah!

Now everyone's praying for a white Christmas.  We're gettting REALLY spoiled. :)


  1. Gostei muito da configuraçao do blog, muito bem elaborado, parabéns e DEUS abençoe a todos.
    Ficarei honrado em receber uma vtsita.

  2. Deus tem sido misericordioso contigo. Permanece na graça de Deus e educa teu filho no temor do Senhor.


  3. I can't believe that you had snow in LA and we had rain here in NC! It just isn't fair!

    Of course, I don't want snow unless it's on a weeknight. If I can't get a day off of school, it doesn't count.


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