Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meeting Santa

Upon leaving the sweetest little First Birthday Party of our little friend, we drove to my husband's compnay Christmas Family Party (specifically for the little ones.)

Iain had taken Gianna to this party by himself last year and he told me that last year's Santa was a little....well.....less than realistic.  He didn't want me to hang my hopes too high.
Well this year's Santa - was pretty darn good for a company party and I couldn't grab my camera fast enough when sweet Santa entered the room headed straight for Gianna.

She usually goes to anyone - but she was just a little wary this time. Behind the camera and underneath my breath I was whispering quick hopeful wishes - "Go with Santa, Gianna. Go with Santa!" imagining the great little photo op that might have happened. 
Then I realized how ridiculous I sounded in my head - prodding her to go with the nice strange man with the fancy clothes.

When it was time to sit on his lap, she did very well.

I just love this little exchange between the two of them.

She did keep her little finger in her mouth for most of her visit - a little nervous/shy habit she has when meeting new people.

She even got this precious little gift that she went NUTS over. It's musical and educational and even comes with a USB cable so it can learn her name and personalize up to 10 songs. Cute. Cute.

I had packed a darling Christmas outfit to change her into after the party - but I opted out at the last minute.  Now I'm kicking myself wishing I would have done it. Oh well.

I'm wondering if this little Santa visit is good enough to replace the picture with the Mall Santa.  We'll see.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Last year Gianna had know idea she was sitting on Santa's lap until the photo was over:

Wow. Hard to believe how little she was this time last year.

Man, that round face and those pudding-filled cheeks just melt me into a puddle of goo.


  1. So sweet. Thanks for showing last year's shots as well. What a nice way to compare all that...and just think, next year you could have another little one to share this time with!

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