Monday, December 28, 2009

A Merry Little Christmas

The week before Christmas Iain was off from work for 9 days which was such a blessing.  Unfortunately, Gianna got a little head cold earlier in the week - no clue how she got it, but she managed to ‘re-gift’ it to her dad and me just in time for Christmas.  It wasn’t too bad, but it added a degree of difficulty in trying to keep up with our recovering, energized little tornado.  Unfortunately Iain’s “sick” turned nasty on Christmas day after Mass and he ended up sleeping through most of Christmas. :(  Not fun.
Even though we didn’t manage to squeeze in all the little traditions I hoped to, our day was special and blessed because we were together celebrating our faith and our family.IMG_5071
I am so pleased that I didn’t go overboard with gifts for Gianna.  I am fortunate to have learned from two of my best friends that you don’t have to spend tons of money to make Christmas special.  The temptation is so overwhelming at times, but we wanted to be practical. 
Over the last year and a half, we’ve inherited a ridiculous amount of amazing toys from one good friend, and as much as she’s enjoyed them, Gianna’s happiest with a ball, a doll or a book.  And on Christmas morning, it was a tube of Elmo toothpaste that was the jackpot prize that I happened to throw in her stocking at the eleventh hour.
Without any prompting, it seems she knew just what to do.   IMG_5091
She had it down to a science in a matter of minutes.IMG_5093 IMG_5094


This little monkey she’s loving on is one of those harness backpacks that I swore I’d never have for my kids.  Don’t judge me.  We’ve tried it out around the house and she LOVES it.  
She even is training him to use the potty.IMG_5124 
(Yes, Santa even brings potties!)
IMG_5132 IMG_5136
We’ve had the wagon even before she was born, but it made a grand appearance Christmas morning. IMG_5198
My favorite gift for her is this kitchen stand that she’ll grow into over the next few years as she helps Mommy in the kitchen.
51uj1 076xL__SL500_AA280_
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We went to my parents house on Christmas day (without my sick hubby) and the hit gift for Gianna was an Elmo Live doll from Uncle Vinnie.  It got the golden reaction of the day.  Too bad Mommy was not up to taking pictures or video. Christmas Elmo
And thanks to Ms. Candi & Annie, she sported this precious red riding coat.
red ridinghood
  Our hearts full of gratitude.

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  1. What a great Christmas, Maria! She is such a gift!

    by the way... John Paul received a gingerbread kit from his Nan Nan. Wanna put them both in the kitchen helper Crane and build it?

  2. Maria. Love little red riding hood. So cute! And I am not judging you for the harness! haha. I really really need one for Cooper. Didn't really understand them before I had kids. Now I get it. Especially keeping track of Cooper and Jackson. I can't wait to see pictures of Gianna in it. You better really secure it to your wrist! haha!

  3. Gianna just gets cuter every day!
    We have a Top Secret Elmo and Camden cries everytime we turn him on! We also recently got that monkey backpack, something I also said I'd never do, and so far have used it once with no success. I like the idea of trying it around the house.
    What I really want to know is if you have any tips/ideas/references for potty training? I'm planning on attempting it in January. We already have an Elmo potty and a Peter Urinal out in different bathrooms. We have been announcing to Camden when we go potty (I read that somewhere) and we have 2 Elmo books on using the potty and a brand new Elmo dvd, too. But I'm not sure what approach I will take. Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Thanks!


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