Monday, March 29, 2010

Hip Hop Groupie

Iain's company hosted their annual Easter party this weekend.  It's the first time we went.
Last year I took Gianna to the mall to take a $30 blurry picture with the Easter Bunny.
Not horrible - just over-priced.

Wasn't quite sure how she'd react this year as she's going through a bit of a shy stage with strangers.
I prepped her as best I could and she called "bunny" incesantly on the drive.
When we got there, she went bananas over the decorated venue and eyes almost popped out of  her head when she saw the awesome playground filled with kids of every age. 
She was a magnet to the big inflated jumpy deals that they'd rented.  Too bad the big kids were really rough....she would have had a ball in those.

So, we go back inside to eat and then they announce the arrival of the Easter Bunny.
She nearly hypervenilated when she saw him - out of shear bunny bliss.
She called him and called him and performed every trick she knows in order to get his attention.
She kept jumping and jumping saying, "Bunny! Hip Hop."
She was quite the groupie! 
She waited her turn and then sat adoringly on his lap...
If you're wondering about all the Mickey Mouse stuff in the pictures, I can't help you.  Apparently it was a theme (the kids even got really nice Mickey ears) and I've yet to discover the connection to Easter.  But if I don't have to plan it - I'm certainly not going to question it! Can I get an Amen?
She watched each one of the 50 or so kids take pictures with the Bunny (jumping and waving at him all the while) and then the sweet Easter Bunny sat on the stage and visited with her.  She was in heaven.
(He kept giving her eggs, but she could care less about them. She only had eyes for the Bunny.)
Thanks Easter Bunny!
You saved this family a trip to the mall.

The Egg Hunt followed outside, but we opted out since it was close to nap time and she was getting a little edgy. As we walked to the car, we noticed that the gate was opened to a little peninsula that jutted out into the lake.  The I-210 bridge was in the background so we opted for a some quickie pictures.

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  1. Amen over here! :-)
    Love the 2-10 pic, makes me miss it over there. Happy Easter or Happy Mickey Mouseaster...not my smartest play on words but fits this one!


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