Thursday, March 04, 2010

iHeart my iPhone (iThink)

I really had  no intention of getting an iPhone. Both Iain and I have been through a number of phones the last couple of years due to crazy cirucumstances - some which were our fault and some beyond our control.  He found out that at work they could get a discounted plan through AT&T and it so happened that a coworker was updating his iPhone and was selling his old one.  Since his contract was up, he jumped on it, quickly became obsessed and managed to coerce several of his coworkers to jump on the iTrain. 
He kept telling me that when my contract was up, I should get one too.  I knew I didn't need one. I'm not on the phone all that much, I'm not a texting I didn't see the point.

I'm  a no-frills, simple kinda of girl. 
Then he starting showing me what his could do. Holy Cannoli.
The other clencher was the fact that my new contacts are not progressive, so I need these:

sometimes for the small numbers on my phone. Not very convenient.
And not a good enough reason for an iPhone.
But, he got one for me anyway.

It was my Valentine's Day present.  We don't traditionally do big gifts, but we've had 8 consectively sucky Valentine Days (that's a whole other post), and the way I figure was a well-deserved make up prize.

I usually always dislike any new phone for the first few months...just because it's different and takes some effort getting used to. I'm learning my new phone on a need-to-know basis, but it's actually been very useful and helpful and fairly easy to figure out....for what I use it for, anyway.

And then, for my birthday last month, I got a super cool laptop.  Our computer was really old (not that I don't appreciate "old")  and we're just waiting for it to go kaput.
Oh, and did I mention my that our video camera went "kaput" too?  It did and we got a new one. (No tapes....just memory cards. Yippeee.)
For the record, this post is not intended to be about spoiled Maria bragging about her new toys.
It's really been about getting older and feeling the way that "old people" feel when they say, "That's okay, I'll just keep my old dinosaur computer because I know how it works."

I love learning new things.  I enjoy figuring out new programs and at a time.  Having so many new things all at once heightened my awareness of two critical points:
  • 1) I am getting older.  I have to occasionally rely on cheater glasses, there's a lot more consumption of Motrin, and I'm just waiting for the moment I'm asked "How old is your grandbaby?" Ugh.  It's a fair question.  People my age and a few years older - have grandkids. But, ugh.  I'm having to constantly remind myself to "be okay" with the fact that I'm not a spring chicken.  I'm a new mom, but not a young mom.  (There are a whole lot more positives than negatives attached to that reality....but some days it's a tough pill to swallow.)
  • 2) We don't need all those THINGS.  There are so many fun new toys - some of which make my life easier - some of which are just plain fun.  They're not bad to have.  But I think it becomes bad if we think we HAVE to have them.  They're easy to become a slave to, and I don't want to do that - or teach my child that.

And that brings me to sewing/embroidery machine I lusted after for so long.
I bought it last year with the money I made from my 9 week babysitting stint with Luke.
I also bought this with that money:
The Cricut Expression, another long-time lust.
Our lives have been filled with all sorts of hiccups that have prevented me from using these toys which is disappointing and somewhat comforting at the same time  I obviously don't need them, but would sure like the chance ot play with them and exercise some creativity.
Our latest speed bump, aside from our recent heatlh scare with Iain, has been our adoption home study for a possible brother or sister for Gianna.
I'm looking forward to getting through this part of the process so I can enjoy a little bit of time to redisover my creative side and claim a little "me" time.

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  1. I would like an iPhone, if we didn't have to switch to ATT. Charlie has his phone paid for by his work and it's Verizon, so we both have that.

    Of course, Charlie would say that anything apple is going to be awesome and he has an iPod Touch, which is the same as the phone without the phone part. He loves it and his Mac desktop.


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