Sunday, March 21, 2010

She's got the beat...

Our munchkin musician got a fun surpise today....a miniature drum set, in the form of a compact little set of pink toy drum pads.
We've had some foreshadowing of her interest in drums, so we had a fairly good idea that she'd be jazzed by the surprise.
I'd say we were right!
She had a blast and was quite a hoot as she drummed her little heart out.
Check her out...


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  2. Rock on, Gianna! I love the photo montage you created - great way to use a lot of pictures. Especially when they are all so cute, you can't pick a favorite!

  3. Oh Maria- I don't see much quiet time in your future :) she looks like she is in heaven!!!!

  4. Awesome!!! Joseph and her need to get together and create a band. Lovin' this- puts a huge smile on Madeline face too :-)


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