Monday, March 01, 2010

Twenty Months

Holy Cow!.....that sure sounds old. Just four months away from her 2nd birthday.   Yikes!
I am in constant amazement of how the time we spent waiting for a child seemed to c-r-a-w-l by and the time once that child comes seems to SPEED by.

I am soaking up every minute with her though...and by far, it was certainly worth the wait.
I've gotten such a kick out of the words she says, how she uses them and her pronunciations.  Here are a few of my favorites that I want to always remember...
  • "Ah luz you." (I love you.)
  • "Oookay."
  • "Mote. Wash."  (Remote. Watch.) Asking to watch a video as she brings me the "mote."
  • "Chuch. Jeeeezus. Shhhhh."
  • "Oh deeyah."  (Oh Dear) says this A LOT!
  •  Bes-shoo." (God bless you.....says without prompting after someone sneezes.)
  • "Oooooh, baby."
  • "Aw Bet-tah."  (All better.)
  • Mee Maw & Pee Paw (Grandma & Grandpa:  her own translation)
  • "Reh-deee"  (ready)
  • "Wap-pul" (waffle)
  • "Maaah- kss" (Max- our dog)
  • "Bay-yah" (bear)
  • "Bay-yull" (Bell - sounds like the cutest little country bumpkin when she says it.)
  • "Sank Cue" or "Tank Cue" or "Zank cue" (Thank you.)  As Iain was helping her finish supper last night and I was doing something else, she looked up at me and said on her own, "Tank Cue, Mommy." (For preparing her supper.)  Sweet Girl.


  1. She is sooo sweet! I cannot believe she is almost two - and already a very accomplished vocabulary...We miss you guys (or gals)!

  2. Such a big girl you have there!! I know you are so proud.


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