Sunday, February 28, 2010


In a little treat bag Gianna got at a birthday party, there were a few gumballs (the kind that tastes really good for about 2.5 seconds before losing it's flavor)  I typically chunk them, but as I was cleaning the kitchen, I popped one in my mouth - not remembering the last time I had gum with sugar in it.  As I was sitting with Gianna after she ate, I made a bubble.  Her eyes BUGGED OUT of her head and then she got the giggles.  I grabbed my phone nearby and videoed her reaction.

Apparently she thinks if she makes an "O" with her mouth, she could make bubbles too.
Cracked me up.
(At the end she is saying, "Bye Danny." --
Danny is a priest friend of ours who had
visited earlier in the week.
She's been calling his name ever since.)

And this is the song she loves from Sesame Street:


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