Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lifetime Movie - Part IV (The End)

If your joining the story in midstream and want to catch up, you can read from the beginning HERE.
He was passed out in the car as I'm driving home.  I knew I had to feed him before he went back to serious hibernation, so I woke him up and asked him if he wanted me to stop at Sonic.  Funny how he managed to "come to" when I mentioned food.  I then remembered that he got sick to his stomach during the cat scan, so I suggested that maybe I'd fix him something simple at home.

"No, Sonic's good." he mananged to mumble. Hmm.

So, we get home and he's able to walk into the house.  First the he wants to do, of course, is go to the bathroom.  He starts walking down the hall, going faster and faster and leaning forward as if his head weighed twice as much as his body.  He took a dive straight onto the floor.
Under my breath, I'm cursing the doctor who released him so soon. 

I got him up, to the bathroom and back to the living room so he could eat.  We visited, I filled him in on some of the happenings of the day and then put him to bed. He slept for another 4 hours (and I checked on him at least every 15 minutes.)

Dana brought Gianna home around 7pm.  Man, it was good to see that little monkey.  She had an awesome day and was so happy to be home. As soon as I had her in my arms, my eyes filled with tears and my emotions released.  We played and read and I put her down.

About an hour later I was in the kitchen and I heard a noise. I look up and my perky husband was standing in the doorway.

"What are you doing up?" I exclaimed.  "You shouldn't be walking around without me."

"I feel great." he said.  He actually looked great, too --- better than me, that's for sure. Actually, he looked better than he has in months. Well, I guess I might feel pretty darn good after a 30 frickin' hour nap. Heck - I'd be happy with a 30 minute nap.

Dana's husband cooked an awesome dinner for us and I heated up for Iain while I caught him up to speed.  Apparently, he was more out of it than I had imagined.  He didn't even remember coming home, eating, falling in the hallway --- none of it. How bizarre is that?  It's like he lost an entire day of his life.

As we were visiting and looking back and ahead at our day and our lives, we chit-chatted about various things.  Somehow, the Superbowl came up and he asked if we had any plans to go watch the bowl game. I stared at him and then I completely broke down.

"Iain, I am SOO glad you are feeling better. And I'm so glad you are looking ahead and making plans, but you have to understand that although you lost 30 hours of your life to mac-daddy nap, my life was turned upside down today and I was faced with the possibility of becoming at widow with an 18 month old. You'll have to forgive me if I'm not really focused on our plans for the Superbowl."

He got it. As the days go on, he's getting it more and more.  He took Monday and Tuesday off and went back to work today.

Sleep Doctor appt. scheduled along with some other appointments. He's rested, feels great and is hardly snoring at all.

I, on the other hand, can hardly sleep, am still in crisis mode and am filled with gratitude for an ending that is SO much better than it could've been.

We've been able to laugh about a lot of what's happened.  But as much as I'm able to find the humor so much of what's happened, I am reminded constantly of reality of it all...and how fragile life is and how we have no guarantees about tomorrow.


  1. You've certainly had a busy week! I can't imagine that he doesn't have any clue what really happened. That's scary! But I'm glad he's back at work and doing well.

  2. My goodness Maria!! I'm JUST now catching up with this story!! YIKES!
    You had me at the edge of my seat. I'm so glad it turned out okay. You were Ms Cool and Collected through all of that... you should be proud! Not many could keep it together like that!!
    Love you guys! Emery


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