Saturday, February 06, 2010

What I know...

I just wanted to close out the whole "I'm starring in my own Lifetime Move" series with an update and a few thoughts.  Unfortunately for you, it is yet another post that most people won't find very interesting, but there are a few things that I wanted to be sure to remember.
  • First off, Iain's donig well and claims that the 30 hour "nap" was wonderful and says he highly recommends it.  (Yeah, let me just pencil that right in my schedule, hon.) He has been getting great sleep since the ordeal and isn't even snoring as much or as loudly.  His consult at the sleep center in a couple of weeks.
  • It occured to me the other day that were other events that probably factored in to the unfortunate climax we experienced. 
    • For Christmas, all three of us caught a cold.  Gianna and I breezed through it and were done in a couple of days, but Iain hung on to his for a good 2 weeks.
    • Right after Christmas he broke a tooth and had to have painful dental work done - which gave him more compromised sleep and suffering. (Yes, Iain and Gianna broke a tooth within a day of each other. Lovely.)
    • Iain gets something called "cluster migraines" which occur either every or every other year."  They are daily migraines that occur for a span of 2-3 weeks.  Well, for 3 weeks in January he was afflicted with them...which meant 3 weeks of misery at night (when they were the worst) with very little decent sleep. 
  • The way I look at it, with months of stress and exhaustion, in addition to all these other factors -- it's my opinion that they created "The Perfect Storm" in his body which caused it to just shut down.  I still think apnia is a big factor, but it alone may not have caused the huge ordeal that happened last week.
  • It's smart to have your husbands important contact #s in your phone as well.  I had Iain's phone with me, but couldn't access his contacts because of his dern passcode.  Thankfully I managed to get it out of him in one of his semi-lucid moments.
  • I haven't completely memerized his SS# and I should.  I used to have it programmed into my phone, but I lost all my numbers due to several unfortunate phone incidents.  Grr.
  • Iain just switched to a new doctor, and I didn't remember which one. Thankfully, it was listed a prescription he had. I should've had that name and number in my phone too.
  • I am determined to have all my important contact #s listed in Iain's phone, too.  I keep thinking that if I was involved in an emergency, he'd waste a lot of time trying to get a hold of some important people.
  • We need to have a will drawn up and not leave anything to chance.
  • I have committed to always sleeping in my good pajamas and have given Iain strict instructions that if he has to call 911 for me, he better darn well make sure I'm modestly dressed. :)
  • I'm pleased that I didn't lose my marbles during the whole crazy emergency.  I'm glad I was able to think and to pray and to keep it together. I have, however, warned Iain that I plan to schedule a mild to moderate breakdown in the next few weeks.  Even though things seem pretty normal - I was profoundly affected by the way things couldv'e turned out.
  • I give honor and glory to God for bringing us through this episode.  I pray we can express that honor in the way we heed the warning we were given and treat life as the fragile gift that it is.
  • I am completely aware that even though this was a pretty big deal for us - it's nothing compared to what many people experience on a daily basis. I continue to think of the Haitian people and those trying to bring them aid, relief and hope.  The happenings of my llittle life are certainly small potatoes in comparison.
I want gratitude to all of you who lifted Iain/us up in prayer and offered support for our family.  You are an extension of God's grace - and for that I'm truly thankful.

I should present you with some sort of "Lifetime Achievement" award for reading through all this crazy stuff.

Now, we're done. Let us resume our regular overdosing on pictures and stories of our little munchkin and her crazy parents.

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  1. I read this last night, but was too tired to comment. I am so sorry all this happened to you, but I'm thankful that all these lessons came from it. My husband and I were talking about getting a will the other day as well, because although we have life insurance, the will is important as well. I encourage you to make sure your life insurance will allow you to pay off your house should you choose to and send Gianna to an Ivy League school if she wants. HA.

    I did like the idea of having contact numbers put in each other's phones. That makes so much sense. Most cell phones also ask you to put in an emergency number in as a contact as well, so the EMS/police can contact someone.

    Again, I hope you manage to get some rest soon and you can plan that breakdown to coincide with a spa day or massage. Love you.


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