Sunday, February 07, 2010

Louisiana Miracle - Geaux Saints!

What an awesome day for Louisiana. Just getting to the Super Bowl was a huge deal -- but winning it?  I think we're still in shock.  We started watching the game with friends, then came home during half time so we could put the little one down in her own bed.  As the clock ticked down to the buzzer, it was amazing at the instant celebration that began outside. There were fireworks, car horns blaring, shotguns firing (we're outside city limits) and people yelling like fools.  And we're 3 hours away from New Orleans. Unbelievable.  My brother is in the French Quarter right now and I can't wait to get an update.  It must be insane.
A couple of hours before the game, I gathered some extra material and sewed this little dress for Gianna.  Unfortunately I only had this enormous ribbon, but it served it's purpose.  My husband was impressed with my creation. I was appreciative, but I warned him that Project Runway was a LONG way off for me. :)  I was, however, impressed with the fact that I whipped it out in less than an hour....uneven seams, crooked hems and all.  
(not really - it was a can of unopened root beer)
Gotta love this guy!
Sweet Baby Brees

**** Addendum ****
I just spoke with my brother and he filled me in on his New Orleans trip.  He said it was Mardi Gras on steroids. I can only imagine.  I think I'd have rather been in New Orleans for the win than in Miami.
Here are some pics my brother took:


  1. I am so impressed with your making of the dress on a whim!! Very nice! I have to get my sewing machine out of the box! Did you follow a pattern, or just sew based on what you think you should be doing!?

  2. That dress totally rocks, I can't believe you whipped it up within an hour! I would like to eat up little baby Brees... he's precious. My Dad was dead set on naming Palmer "Breeze". Today I told him I'd consider "Brees" for the next one...

  3. I think the dog says it all! :-) Awesome dress Mrs. Fashion-ista (spelling?). Great Post!!!! Love the pics from your brother, what a lucky guy to be there.


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