Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drumroll, please...

You know how it is.  Give a child tupperware and utensils and Voila! have a drumset.
They always know just what to do.
But somehow, tupperware just doesn't seem to be enough for this little girl.
We have been surprised and entertained by just how much she has gotten into the whole drum scene.
And we almost fell over laughing when we saw her play a real drumset for the first time.
She's actually pretty impressive. 


  1. You have a bloggy background-changing-itis!!! Another template! But the other one was my favorite! Not a huge fan of three column...too much to look at. Not that you really needed my input, so ignore if you want.

    But, as usual, the pics of Gianna are adorable. She is so photogenic.

  2. So cute! She and Parker can start a band for sure- he is into his microphone and singing these days :)


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