Friday, March 05, 2010


....she enjoys playing by herself. 
There's lots more pretend play.
She even pretends that she didn't climb upon her toys to sit and play on the coffee table.
She's actually been climbing less often, so I've tried to not make such a big deal about it....instead
 of correcting and fussing (which got me nowhere).... I remove her from her perch and redirect her. 
(It still gets me nowhere.........but much less stressful for the both of us.)
I wouldn't want to squelch that determination and pride now, would I?
(Plus, it allows me to take pictures of her antics with  a little less guilt.  Tsk. Tsk, Mommy!)


  1. A big girl! Big enough to have a hair do! Where did the time go? I am less of a stickler about climbing, too... except standing up in chairs. NO SIR!

  2. she soo adorable...that cheeky smile says it all... i'm doing a project for my media work and some of the pictures remind me of the pictures i posted of when i was younger feel free to have a look


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