Friday, March 12, 2010

Sugar & Spice

Little girl friends are few and far between in Lewis Land. We LOVE all our little boy buddies but there seems to be a severe girl shorage in our little social circle.  That's why when 14 month Isabel and her mama, Laurel, came to visit from New Orleans, we cherished our girl time together.

Isabel and Gianna, sweet little long-distance friends...
who met for the first this time last year
during our lovely Jaunt to Jackson.
Back then, the six month age difference seems HUGE.
But now....
that six month span seems to be lessening.

Now they can play Ring Around the Rosie...
...and share sweet, tender moments -
some of which will melt your heart.

So, Isabel Rose.......
...don't you forget that Aunt ReRe loves you and prays for you....
...and so does Gianna.

She's been calling for "Bayull" (Bel- short for Isabel) in her very best southern accent ever since you left. 
And even though we love getting to see you on your Mama's blog, we sure miss seeing you in real life on a regular basis.

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