Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The BIGGEST Little Fan

We are BIG Laurie Berkner fans in Lewis Land. 
I discovered her music about six years ago while babysitting, and unlike a lot of muchkin music -- it has never gotten on my nerves. For about a year now, Gianna has been watching Jack's Big Music Show which often features the music of Laurie Berkner.  And for about a year, Gianna has been asking for her on a daily basis.  When she was just learning to talk, she'd summon Ms. Berkner's music by calling, "Button!"  Now she just says, "Mommy, wanna listen to Laurie Berkner?"
 Well, my little Laurie Berkner fan got quite a thrill this past weekend.
Her mommy found Laurie's fan page on Facebook and discovered that The Laurie Berkner Band (who plays mostly in the northeast and west coast) had added another concert date to their Austin, Texas!

We bought tickets and planned on making a little family trip out of it - until we realized a scheduled outtage at Iain's job would be prolonged and he would be unable to make the trip. :(
That wasn't going to stop me though!
I called one of my dear high school friends living in Houston and asked her and her adorable four year old daughter if they wanted to join us for a girl's weekend.
Even though they weren't familiar with Laurie Berkner, they said yes.
Thankfully my husband though ahead and bought an extra ticket.

It really worked out beautifully.
G and I drove to Houston on Saturday to spend the night with Deborah and Katelin.
It was so precious to see these little girls interact with each other. Both are only children so they each got a rented sister for the weekend.  They actually could pass for sisters, too.
Don't get me wrong, there were times when Gianna pushed the envelope like a typical two year old and Katelin tattled like a typical four year old - but overall they were pleasant and precious.

I got some matching turtle necks for the girls...
...and added a little 'groupie love' on Gianna's.
Even though G was nap-less by the time the show started, she mustered enough awe and excitement as she gazed upon the empty birthday-party-themed stage for the first time.
When the show began, I think Gianna was a little caught off guard.
The awe and wonder was priceless.
Each time there was a quiet moment and Laurie was talking, my spirited little two year old shouted requests of her favorite songs... 
And let me just say, that Laurie Berkner is not only a creative, dynamic, gifted musician and performer ~ but she has UNBELIEVABLE stamina.
When I watch her videos on Nick Jr., I'm always impressed that she sings, plays the guitar and dances for two or three minute stretches.
Watching her in concert was AMAZING! 
For 90 minutes straight she sang, played and danced (like serious jitterbugging!) with no intermission.  Kudos to Laurie.  She earns every bit of her paycheck.
I cannot say enough good about this lady and her talented band and crew.
They certainly provided this little girl and her mommy with a wonderful weekend and special memory to treasure.

* * * * * * * * *
We went back to Houston after the concert and spent another night and morning with our sweet friends.  On Monday they took us to Pump it Up where Gianna wore herself out before we got on the road to go home. 
We are so grateful to the Dennings for their warm hospitality and their precious friendship.
Even though it wasn't the family trip we planned, it turned into an unpexpectedly wonderful time with our treasured friends.


  1. omg so jealous! we loooove LB! madeline and I have been singing those tunes since she was born--I bet that was a blast!

  2. If LB could only know how me and the girls sing her songs around the house all the time. She is the main reason I even watch Jack's big music show.
    Good job mama!


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