Monday, November 08, 2010

Tea under the Big Oak Tree

I know I've mentioned before most of Gianna's little friends have been boys. That's certainly not a complaint -- merely an observation.  Recently, through one of our favorite little boys (and his mommy), we've met some precious little toddler girls.  One of them, Emma, just turned three and we were lucky enough to be invited to her party. A tea party, no less - under the oldest, most grand oak tree in our town.

Gianna and I had a particularly trying morning that day which spawned several melt-downs between the two of us (Daddy's still working ridiculous hours and it usually has a profound efffect on both G and me.)  I was tempted to renig on the tea party, but I figured I'd only be punishing myself.   I definitely made the right decision to bring her!
The enormous sprawling, hugging arms of the tree enveloped this sweet little tea party that was obviously meant to be in that very exact perfect spot.

And here's the most adorable birthday girl, Emma.
There was a butterfly theme to the party and Emma's mom created an amazing food spread and gave such attention to detail in the decor.
The children took their seats at the table where they each found a lovely little ceramic tea cup at their place setting. 
That delighted my little lady...
She got a lot of sipping practice in before the hot cocoa was served.
This sip was my favorite! (I love that she still has dimpled elbows.)
Benjamin was in the minority in the sea of little girls....

...and he was a great sport as he tried to figure out why in heavens name he was given a tea cup. :)
* * * * *
This little princess passed on the recommendation that she teach the little ones to drink tea with their pinkies up.

During tea and butterfly cupcake time, Gianna spotted a 'horse' and carriage coming around the corner.
It turns out, they were hired to give the children rides.
You can imagine the excitement that ensued!
Gianna is exclaiming, "A HORSE!"
Actually, I think it was a mule...but 'horse and carriage' seems to have a nicer ring to it than 'mule and buggy.'
How cute are all the kids in the carriage?
 Here's sweet Ella.

Sarah taught them how to race. 

Gianna got quite a kick out of that...
 ...except she kept wanted to turn around to see what was going on behind her.
 * * * * *
We wanted to take a picture of these three on the bench in front of the big tree...
...not quite so sure what we were thinking. (Although I kinda like how this came out.)
* * * * *
Interestingly, when her daddy asked her all about the party, the one highlight Gianna was excited to mention was....
...running around the circle.
* * * * *
What a lovely little memory that also seemed to eradicate the meltdowns of the morning.
Happy Birthday, Emma.


  1. This is so cute! I had no idea you could have parties there!

  2. What a great post to capture such a great time!!! I want to see all of the pics --- you are my favorite photographer!! Those dimpled elbows ARE too sweet...I want to take a little nibble!


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