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Jelly Book - volume 2

Two years ago when I first began blogging, I posted about starting a Jelly Book.
Here's part of that early entry...

When Gianna was born, one of my long-time friends came into town for a friend's baby shower and she asked me if I had started a "jelly book" yet. I couldn't even fathom what that could be, so I asked. She told me that you just get an empty book/journal that you keep in your kitchen - where most of life seems to happen - and when your kids say things and do things that you want to remember, you just jot it in the book. Often it'll be stained by jelly or coffee or whatever messy bit of life is happening at the moment....but you'll have it written down and eventually have a treasured collection of amazing moments you may have accidentally forget otherwise. I just loved that concept. (Thank you Mary!) I found an old journal of quotes I began keeping years ago, and designated that as my Jelly Book.  

Two years later, I realized that my blog had basically become my Jelly Book - home to all the memories, funny sayings and silly antics of my child.  But instead of all those things sprinkled randomly throughout my posts, I really wanted just one single place that I could easily find those precious memorable moments. 

Then I discovered that Blogger offered PAGE tabs that can either be seen under your header (that's where mine are) or on your side bar.  Perfect! 
My digital Jelly Book!

(To create a page tab, just go to your dashboard and click on the posting tab.  There are 3 sub tabs: New Post, Edit Posts and Edit Pages.  Click on Edit Pages then New Page.  Easy Peasy.)

You can click HERE to go right to my Jelly Book page.
I just love having all those little gems at my fingertips.

That's an idea that Works for Me!  Joining the link party at We are THAT Family.
Here are this week's entries...

Gianna told me, "I feel sick, Mommy."
I looked at her quizically since I'd never heard her say that before.
She then said,
"I have temperature."
I figured she was pretending, but went ahead and felt her forehead, and it was warm.
Took her temperature and by golly, she had a low-grade fever.
That's one of the blessings of having a verbal child.

* * * * *

Following the "I feel sick." comment, I called for an appointment with the doctor.
At bedtime I told her we were going to the doctor the next day. I may as well told her she was going to Disney World.
"Go see Doctor Decker!" she exclaimed.
"Yes, Gianna, that's right." I said.
"Check my heart."
"Check my ears."
"Check my mouth. Aaaaah."
"And check my feelings."
Check my feelings! That made me smile.  I guess I ask her fairly often how she's feeling and it made perfect sense to her that the doctor wanted to know the same thing.
I thought that was so cute.
"Doctor Decker give me a 'rellypop?' (a.k.a. lollipop)
Before I could say anything, she pointed her little index finger at me and said,
"Don't ask!"
I have been trying to help her understand the concept of not asking for things like candy and apparantly it's starting to sink in....although she still asked when got to the clinic.

* * * * *

We were driving and came to a four-way stop.  "Look, Mommy -- an octagon! I found it!" she said excitedly as she pointed to the stop sign.
The topic at Story Time at the Library was "SHAPES" just the day before.

* * * * *
Speaking of Story Time: While we were there waiting for it to begin, Gianna reached into my purse and pulled out a great big purle wrapped maxi pad.  Before I could confiscate it, she held it up and announced,
"This is Mommy's toilet paper!"
Her first show and tell.

* * * * *

Every time we pass a schoolyard, she asks, "Gianna go to school?"
I told her she can go when she's a big girl.
"Gianna big girl!" says the smart child.
I then told her she can go to school when she's five.
The next day she asked me where Tyler (our neighbor) was.
I told her he was in school.
"Oh," she said, "He five."
* * * * *
She was sitting on her new toddler bed as I was putting her socks on.
She pointed her little index finger at me and said,
"No jumping on bed." she told me.
She was a BIGtime jumper in her crib.
"That's right, Gianna." I said, nodding.
Then she said with a furrowed brow and pointed finger in my face,
"Dis is a bed. It NOT a 'jumpoline'!!!" (a.k.a trampoline)
I agreed as I laughed at her serious scolding, assuming she was repeating a warning dished out by her daddy.
I later asked my husband if he ever spoke those words to her.
Nope. Apparently that was her own little note to self. :)
* * * * *

Me:  "Gianna, who's not listening to their mommy?"
Gianna:  "Therese." she said matter-of-factly.

* * * * *
There was a kid in Wal-mart who was throwing a tantrum.
Gianna looked at me with wide eyes and said,
"He not being good listener."

* * * * *
Lately, every time we see an African American women in public Gianna calls loudly,

* * * * *
"Hey Mom."
Gianna said casually as she passed me in the kitchen.
(What is she? TWELVE?)
"Um, Mom? Excuse me, Gianna, but that's not my name."
Her very quick reply, "Hey Maria!"

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  1. This is an answered prayer. About the time Charlie was born, I was trying to figure out a way to write down all the wonderful things Jackson (and Cooper) were saying. I wanted to have another tab on my blog that I could easily update. I played around with it, and never got anywhere. Then, your post today kicked my bootie into gear! Thank You maria! I have to thank when I have all these sayings written down in years to come.


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