Wednesday, November 03, 2010


We took Gianna to see Elmo Live last week, which was the first show we have taken her to.  Thankfully, it was the night before Iain started a long couple of weeks at work, and he was able to witness the "magic" for himself.
The show began at 7pm which is typically her bedtime, so I was a bit tentative and kept my expectations in check.
A friend of a friend made this dress and bow, which managed to get quite a few smiles throughout the day.
She told everyone, "I a candy corn!"
* * * * * * * * * *
Once we seated in the theatre, Gianna began her enthusiastic observations.
"Look at children coming!"
Several minutes before the show started, Big Bird's voice came over the loud speaker with a few announcements.
Gianna's eyes widened and then it began....
"BIG BIRD!!!!"
"Hi, Big Bird! Where are you, Big Bird?  I Gianna, Big Bird! I can't see you, Big Bird!"

Then the lights lowered, the spotlights darted about the room and the music began.
She flipped out!  Her little heart was beating out of her chest and she almost sounded like she was hyperventilating.  She was SO excited.  It was precious to watch.
And then the characters made their way to the stage, one by one.
Take the Big Bird utterances above and multiply that ten fold.
Holy Cannoli!
She could hardly contain herself.
It was a cycle of awe, amazement and nirvana.
I have to admit, my eyes just teared for the first ten minutes because I was just so touched by how purely joyful she was.
I have also spend the last umteen years taking all my friends' kids to special shows and outings, and it was finally MY child who I had the privilege of accompanying. My heart was filled with gratitude.
She waved to and called each of the characters and became very concerned of their whereabouts when they weren't on stage?  If there was one character missing - she knew who it was.
She begged me to let her go on the stage and dance.
She'd put on quite a show, I'm sure.
It was a delightful evening and I have to say that I was really impressed with the show.
Thanks for the entertainment Sesame Street. See you next year, Elmo and friends!

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  1. So precious!

    Sophia had a similar experience that night, and I started getting all emotional too! It's so exciting to watch them get so..excited. These pictures are great, by the way. I love that you were able to capture that expression on her face!


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