Friday, November 26, 2010

Sayin' the darndest things (Jelly Book vol 4)

Here's another Jelly Book entry...

* * * * *
Gianna is obsessed with the moon.  She talks about it constantly and when she spots it (even during daylight hours in the faintest silhouette) she yells, "MOON!" and then proceeds to distinguish whether it is a full, half or crescent moon."

One evening the big, beautiful, yellow harvest moon was rising in the Eastern sky.  She gasped when she saw it.  "A FULL MOON!" she exclaimed.  And then she said, "It's HUMONGOUS!"  (Thanks, Sesame Street, for your word of the day.)

* * * * *
I couldn't wait to show her the full moon this past Sunday.  We showed it to her at my parents' house and when we got home she stood in our driveway and gazed upon the very bright moon with adoration.   It was cloudy but the moon was still visible and the wispy clouds were whizzing by. I noticed her head following the fast-moving clouds.  Her eyes widened and she looked up at me,
"We spinning!" she whispered.

* * * * *
Gianna pointed out a spider the other day and said, "Look, an arachnid."  Well, she says 'arachnic'  but it still cracks me up that she knows the term. (An arachnid is an insect with 8 legs - i.e. a spider....just in case you don't happen to watch Sesame Street. :) 
* * * * *
Iain brought Gianna into the living room following her nap.  She was tickled about Max's (dog) new haircut.  "He's so tiny!" she squeaked.
She hadn't really noticed me in the room yet and once she did I said,
"Gianna come say hi to Mommy."
Her response:
"I don't wanna talk right now."
(I guess we're getting little adolescent glimpses sprinkled throughout toddlerhood.)
* * * * *
About a month ago, Gianna began a new routine when she goes to Time Out.
Once she arrives at the designated spot, I usually ask her,
"Do you know why you're in Time Out?"
She's ALWAYS can name the offense that sent her there.
Once I walk away, she uses the most precious voice she can muster and says,
"Mommy. Mommy?"
"What, Gianna..."
"Really, Mommy?  You sure? You SURE, Mommy?"
"Yes, I'm sure Gianna."
Melts my heart - but not enough to release her from serving her time. :)
(I really have to get it on video - without her knowing.)

* * * * *
Me;  "Gianna, would you like to come help me in your room?
"Gianna:  "Ummmm......maybe not."

* * * * *
There are words that Gianna used to say beautifully six months ago, that she is now having trouble with.  It's interesting and pretty funny.
She has an oversized doll named Penelope.
Now she can only seem to call her Pimpully.

We have discovered the best way to get a quiet ten minutes in the afternoon or evening is to give her a popsicle.
Now when asked if she'd like a special surprise she says,
"Oh a popsasticle!"
Apparently the extra syllable is impossible to remove.

This morning she asked for a hammaburgen.
She used to say 'hamburger' quite easily.
* * * * *
I told Gianna we were on our way to the park to see Benjamin and his Nanna, Ms. Katie.
"Katie from church?" she asked.
"No, not that Katie, Gianna.""Katie doctor?" she asked again about our friend in med school.
"No, not that Katie, either."
"Oh, a DIFFERENT Katie." she finally surmised.
"That's right, Gianna. She IS a different Katie."
"LOTS of Katie's!" she exclaimed

* * * * *
Our  neighbors (The Griswold's, as we call them) put up there massive collection of outdoor Christmas decorations in mid-November - included a life-sized Santa sleigh.
Figuring she'd be curious, I thought I'd introduce the Santa concept.
"And do you know what Santa will bring on Jesus' birthday?" I asked.
"EGGS!!!" she excitedly replied.
Seems like we have a little 'splainin' to do.


  1. That will be a super inexpensive Christmas :)

    Love these Jelly Book entries!

  2. Oh I looove it! She is so precious and her thoughts and expressions are so reminding of my lil gal. You are so great to be writing that stuff down- I keep saying I'm going to do that.

  3. "You sure, mommy?" -----> what a little spark plug you have!


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