Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Project with Auntie

My dear friend, Anita, was my maid of honor at my wedding.
She has been a most precious and faithful friend over the span of over 25 years.
Anita (or Auntie, as Gianna knows her) lives in Houston and came in town for the Thanksgiving holiday.  She called ahead to say that she had a gift for Gianna and a project that the two of them had to finish making together.

Auntie's sachel of goodies mesmerized my little munchkin.
She brought Gianna her first pair of children's scissors (we're going to hold off on thanking her for that one! ha), glittery flowers and nifty set of crayons.

Gianna was SO excited to participate in this crafty endeavor.
"More projeck!" she kept saying.

Anita decided to turn Gianna into a little Indian for Thanksgiving.
Here they are working diligently on her costume. 
And here's the finished "projeck".....
....stylin' little Indian girl, wouldn't you say?

Any guesses as to what she's doing here?
Thanks for teaching her that Indian call, Auntie.
She hasn't stopped yet! :)
(You can expect a lengthy phone message with that special little yell, Auntie!)

We really can't thank you enough for spending time with our little girl, for giving her such a fun experience and for loving her like one of your own nieces.  You have to know that you're on the top of our list of blessings we are thankful for!

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  1. aw, that is so sweet. It always touches my heart when other people want to spend time with my little ones. The outfit is great!


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