Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farm Fun

From an early age, Gianna was drawn to farm animals and quickly learned to recognize them and the sounds they make. Right around her first birthday we were driving in a rural area and she spotted cows and horses in the fields.  She started squealing, "MOOOO!!! E I E I O!!!"  We knew then we had to find a farm to visit.
It so happens that my brother has a friend who lives in the country, has a ton of beautiful acreage, and has quite a menagerie of farm animals.  We drove out to his unbelievable place to get a quick look around and meet some of the animals.

When we pulled up and saw cows, we all had to hold our ears while Gianna screamed with glee.  She was beside herself.  Just as we got their, Butch had two enormous bottles to go feed a couple of the calves that had been rejected by their mother. :(  So precious.
He said this next shot illustrated "Progressive Farming"....(ha)
We got to see two little lambs that were born just the day before.
She got to pet this super-cute miniature goat...
She even got to sit on a mule. (Can you just hear her?)
She was a little tentative at first.
But she quickly got comfortable...
She even got a tour by the kids who live there...
Oh yes....and there were chickens.
We had one content little munchkin!
On our way out, we got a quick tour of the quaint little farmhouse....
I know.  It wasn't what we expected, either.
And we certainly didn't expect to see a hand crafted Pizza Oven!!!
Yeah, didn't Ma & Pa Ingalls have one of those?
Now, that's MY kind of farmhouse!
Thanks for hooking us up, Uncle Vinnie!


  1. What an amazing adventure. That place looks beyond awesome! The Jessen's want a phone call when they start doing tours and pizza tastings!

  2. Yeehaw! That looks like so much fun!!! I bet she was in heaven.

  3. What is it with kiddos and animals? They are just so in awe of each other! G was being so good on the horse. She is a natural. Great memories.


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