Thursday, April 01, 2010

These days...

...are oh-so-fun. Exhausting, but really fun.
I thought I might be sad to leave those baby days behind and move into toddlerhood. That's certainly not the case.  I am LOVING this stage (about 87.4% of the time!)  I love her little chubby toddler body, her pigtails, her chipped-tooth smile.
She's really coming into her own and she's morphing into this miniature person right before our eyes.  Lately, there are so many things that I want to always remember in my heart.  I thought I'd better write them down, just in case.
One of my favorite things she started doing is re-enacting conversations or happenings that made an impression on her.  Example:  A few weeks ago, she got bit by a dog (that's a whole other post) and somehow she always remembers it when we're driving in one certain area of town. 
"No, Puppy.  No, No Puppy. No bite." followed by a growl and biting sound. (Which I apparantly make when I tell the story.)  She gets a kick every time she repeats it.

A little over a month ago, she woke up one morning and started singing every song she's ever heard.  So funny.  I had know idea she knew the alphabet song until she belted it out in her sweet toddler slurred speech. I can't wait to catch it on tape. 

Laurie Berkner is her FAVORITE music artist.  First, she'd referred to her as Bert (short for Berkner), then it advanced to "Button" and now it's "Berter." She knows all the songs and acts them out. Moon, Moon, Moon was her favorite, recently eclipsed by We are the Dinosaurs.
I am so amazed by the fact that she can make a choice given two or three options.  She thinks, then responds. SO cute.
Night time prayers are adorable.  Iain and I say the tradtional prayers and then we'd pray for the people who are special in our lives.  Now all I say is, "And God bless..." and she begins the litany of people.  I'm amazed by the people she remembers and the connections she makes between the people.  Certainly one of the highlights of my day.

I've used the concept of time-out with Gianna before (removing her from situations - typically in an empty playpen or crib, but I've never really designated a place or plan.....until yesterday, that is.  One of her new "things" is to put on a show for people she talks to on the phone.  Somehow she got it in her head to throw an object and tell the person "uh-oh" as if they can see what's happened.  Yesterday, that object was Max's little dog bed which was perched on the sofa - until Gianna FLUNG it across the room  Oh, and I should mention that Max was sleeping IN the bed when she flung it.  Yep, that's what bought her a Time Out ticket.  And like any good mother, I got her T.O stint on video (and I can't figure out why it's not fitting can click on it to watch it directly on

Today, my little toddler is 21 months old.   Geez, this ride is going fast.  I'm SO happy I've been privileged to buy a ticket.  Thank you for filling my life with joy, little girl.

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  1. So I totally pictured you watching that video years from now with sweet tears in your eyes...that is what I do now even if the video is only months old- they grow up too fast! Love the toddler age. The more they understand the better :-)


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