Sunday, April 25, 2010

Festival International de Louisianne

A few years ago, Iain and I drove to Lafayette to enjoy an amazing Multi-Cultural Music, Arts and Food fest called the Festival International de Louisianne.
The festival showcases musicians, dancers, artisans and foods from around the globe and is quite an amazing experience.  We promised ourselves that we would make it a point to bring our kids each year to expose them to such a wonderful potpouri of culture.
We had a conflect last year, so this is the first year we brought Gianna.
She was in sensory overload.
We happened upon an amazing musical group from Canada called Quebec.  The music certainly had a familiar vibe to us Louisianians...and their performance was stellar.
Gianna watched with fascination.
...and then she could no longer contain herself.
She danced until the cows came home.
...and even begged Mommy to dance "Cheek to Cheek"
She danced cheek to cheek with our friend, Jessie, too.
And she made new friends...who doted on her and shared their beads.
Gianna & Hannah
And Hannah's cousin, Avery.
Their dancing caught the attention of many entertained onlookers.
Dancing Queen, I tell you.
And our little monkey...
...sported her little monkey.
It looks like a backpack, but it's really a leash walking harness that we tentatively tried out to give her a reprieve from her stroller every now and then.

Oh, and the VERY best part of her day.....
...was the bus ride we took to shuttle us back to the coleseum where our car was parked.
Any guess what song she sang the whole way there?

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  1. Beautiful photos. The silhouette one is my favorite.


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