Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Name Change

No. Not her name ~ her name for ME.
At first, she refused to say my name.
It took 15 months to finally end the stalemate.

Momma evolved into Mommy - which happnes to be my preference.

And it seems my sweet little Butter Bean has been having a little fun with language - and with me.
A few weeks ago, she started calling me Momma.
That, in itself, is not a problem.
The issue for me, was that her version of Momma sounded a whole lot like
"Maw Maw" ~ which, in the South, is another name for Grandma.

I really am okay with my age and it's no secret I'm a much older more 'seasonsed' mother than many moms of 21 month olds.
I know the days are coming when I'll be mistaken for Gianna's grandmother.
However, I sure don't need my daughter giving people reason to think such things so early on in the game.

Every time she called me 'Momma' I'm sure my face registered surprise/frustration and I would correct her, "You mean, Mommy."  BIG MISTAKE.   Aah...the girl likes a game.
The more I'd react, the more opportunities she'd find to push my button.

One day, I cupped that her little chubby face in my hand and sternly said,
"My name is not Maw Maw! My name is ................."
and she grinned and emphatically said,


So, it was then I stopped correcting and just rode the wave until she found a new button to push.
About a week after that, I heard her call me when she woke up from her nap.
I cracked up.
She sounded like a 12 year old.
The latest name change is I think my favorite.
It sounds like this:
I'd like to think it's the shortened version of
Mama Mia.

Frankly, any version of Mom is just fine with me.  
I waited a long time for that title and I know it's an honor and privilege ~
 no matter what form it takes.


  1. How fun! You know, I'm not that crazy about that southern Me Maw thing. I don't know why! It just sounds so strange to me.

  2. CUTE! My Paw Paw loving teased my cousin by calling her a different name, she retaliated by calling him Puppy. He hated it! That taught him! Gianna and Gram must be italian - he adds an -a to everything! Somehow the name G for my mom has been changed permanently to Gia.

  3. Maria,
    Gianna is such a cute mess! Last time I checked, MawMaw is still a step up from Elmo, right?!

  4. I wish John Paul would call me Mommy! But David says "Say hey pretty mama," and he does. So mama it is. O well

  5. is it weird that I teared up when I saw the pic of u and G? Maybe its the Pandora music in the background! (check Broussard blog) :-)


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