Friday, April 30, 2010

Spoiled by Spring

I love spring.
(Not including the wicked allergy attacks that we fall victim to each year.)
Spring typcially lasts for about 15 minutes around here before the blazing heat of Hades summer sits upon us for the next six months.
Somehow, this year, we managed to get a little bit of an extension on this special season.
I don't know how or why....
but frankly, it's not important.
It's been delightful to have been
spoiled by spring for so long.

I feel like I should brew some sweet tea and bake some cookies in hopes of tempting Her to stay longer.
I'll let you know how that works out. :)


  1. These pics are sooo good! I can't seem to ever catch P :)

  2. Oh Maria, That is some serious cuteness going on right there! I am in love with that first pic! I could just eat her up!

  3. When Miss Spring is finish down there can you please send her our way! We are still wearing jackets, jeans, light sweaters and oh yes, socks are a must in the house. It is May for cryin' out loud! We just had a little snow shower last Thursday. Enough already :-0


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