Thursday, May 06, 2010

22 months and 5 days is a pretty long run....

....without a munchkin pooping in your bathtub.

Last night our lucky streak ended. 

It seems my creative child got quite a kick out of "making bubbles" in the water from her bottom end.

She got a little ambitious in her effort.

When she stood up and we discovered the "bubbles" she made, she was intrigued.

I told her, "Gianna, that's your poo poo."

I was proud of myself for reacting so matter-of-factly and unemotionally.

Gianna, on the other hand, had the grand reaction.


It really wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been.

You can thank me later for not including a picture.
(And no, I did NOT take one!!!!)


  1. As wierd as it might sound....I'm sorry I missed it!!!$

  2. Oh no! I am dreading that day too! I am glad yours went so well...We LOVED seeing you guys yesterday - Ben said "Gee" on the way home; which I am sure means Gianna!

  3. Camden did that when he was still a baby. I was still using the infant bathtub inside the tub and had both filled with water. I was actually holding him in the air when he pooped right into the water! Totally freaked me out. I bleached everything in there like crazy!

  4. Um, you are among the funniest people I know... for sure!

  5. Yes, thank you for not posting a picture! And I actually hope you didn't take one, either.


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