Friday, May 07, 2010

D is for DRAMA!

Remember that Mommy Melt-down I fell victim to last week?

Well, I just discovered a post I wrote prior to that.  It may explain a few what lead me to melt down.

Here's the forgotten post:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Sure hope this is a phase!" is the frustrated mantra in Lewis Land these days.  Apparently, we're "experimenting" with our voice in terms of volume and demonic-like utterances.  She's completely entertained by it (and probably by the fact that is bugging the TAR out of us.)  Shrill.  Shrill Shrill.

I suppose her incessant grunting at 4 months and several other times should have given us a warning that there was more to come.

And for the baby/toddler who RARELY cried --- well, we're making up for that in a BIG way.
Case in point: Jessie, was giving Gianna a personal guitar concert, and we were trying to teach her it was not okay to touch the guitar when she was playing it.  Now granted, we changed the rules mid-game when I realized Gianna would feel free to touch anyone's guitar while being played, but here's the lovely display of drama that ensued.

And the outgoing, independent baby/toddler that we've gotten used to is getting really shy and clingy on occasion. "Hold you, Mommy!" has become a familiar phrase in our home.

Oh, and she's waking up in the middle of the night MULTIPLE times crying like she's being terrorized.  I get to her room and am met with a cheery, "Hi Mommy! Rock."  No tears. One night it was 8 times.  EIGHT.  The next night after she woke up the 3rd time, we decided we'd let her put her back down since she obviously wasn't sick or in pain.  The amazingly real fake crying turned into real crying.  After 45 minutes I gave in.  She was hoarse the next day.  Great job, Mommy.
Apparently, she just needs some extra closeness and she's too busy during the day to get it all.  That's fine by me.  She always goes right back to sleep (even though I don't/can't) and I'm rarely in there for more than a minute or two.

AND that fabulous eater who has been amazingly delightful at mealtimes for most of her getting a little "opinionated" about what she's in the mood for.  It's actually pretty cute when she turns down foods that she normally loves.  She'll look at the food, then look at me and in the sweetest little sing-songy voice with a precious inflection, will say, "Noo." I couldn't find the video clip I wanted, but this one shows her thoughtfully considering more food and then, giving her answer.

I promised myself I was not going to go to war over food issues.  I've done fairly well, but I've had to change my expectations and and my standards in order to survive.  I now have to have a backup plan for meals, so as to not become a short-order cook.
I've even stocked some level 3 baby foods (we graduated from those a long time ago) in my pantry for those days when she won't seem to eat anything.  That way, I at least she's getting a full belly with some nutrition.  It's amazing how flexible we have to become in order to maintain some semblence of sanity.  These days, you may as well call me Gumby. (And if you're too young to remember that reference, then just keep it to yourself and Google it so you know why it's funny.    Ha!)
Anyway, most of you have heard that little saying, "Save the drama for your mama."  I used to think that was a funny and cute sentiment.  Yeah, not so much, these days.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I must add that things have improved since I've written that post.  I'm sure we'll drift in and out of drama world, but we are enjoying the current hiatus.

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