Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trying Travels

Let's see, so far Iain's said, "We're not traveling with her again til she's six." at least a half dozen times.

But, let's not start there.  Let's begin with the positive points..

  • We drove through the night and arrived in Kansas "Titties" 15 hours after we left home.  She didn't sleep near as much as we though/hoped she would, but she really traveled beautifully. It was a fairly easy trip.
  • Gianna warmed up to her grandparents instantly to all of our delight/relief.  Instead of Abuelito and Abuelito (the Spanish version of Grandpa and Grandma), she calls them Tito and Tita.  It's adorable and they're eating it up.
  • She met her only cousin, Steven (aka: Steeben) for the first time and is quite smitten with him.
We have experienced a few challenges so far:
  • The inlaws' house is multi-level.  It's been quite a feat trying to keep Gianna away from the stairs.
  • She saw me on the stairs and ran to me breaking  through the safety gate.  Good thing I caught her.
  • She swung her foot through the banister and sent a huge glass clock and picture frame crashing to their demise.
  • She hasn't traveled much s's been a toddler.  Apparently the Pack n' Play is foreign to her now and she refused to sleep in it -screaming incessantly when we tried putting her down in it.
  • The room we're staying in is a little bigger than our closet at home with a full sized bed that barely fits Gianna's not-so-slight parents.
  • New sleeping arrangement?  Palette on the floor WITH her mother sleeping on the floor next to her. Whaddayagonna do?  At least she's sleeping.
  • Super clingy to mom.
  • Three of her four canine teeth are coming in this week.
  • She ran 102* fever for two mornings in a row and hasn't been herself.  Took her to an Urgent Care Center today - and she has an ear infection (thankfully it's only her 2nd one)  Let the antibiotics begin.
To be honest, the trip has been far better than I was expecting. In spite of the few challenged we've encountered, she's been quite a delight, punctuated by periods of typical toddler behavior.

Tomorrow we leave here and head for Branson.


  1. Oh Man! Cutting teeth and an ear infection while traveling - what a poor bugger (and poor momma too). I hope she's feeling better soon and have a safe travel back home!

  2. Eric and I lived in Springfield, Mo for three years. We used to visit Branson all the time. Enjoy...they have some neat places to visit. Plus the drive from MO to AK is beautiful:)

  3. Glad the trip is going fairly well. Cam just had his first ear infection. I actually took him to the dr for something else, so he never even fussed Oh, the antibiotic poopy diapers are dreadful, though!
    I can't believe Gianna is still getting in teeth! Cam has has all his forever!
    I still have Cam take his nap everyday in his pack n play so we don't ever have the problem, since we travel so frequently. You might try that at home, too.
    Have a safe, smooth trip back!


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