Monday, May 10, 2010

Play Dates

Play Dates are so good for children. It helps socialize them and they learn how to share and problem solve.
Yeah right. Who are we kidding?  Playdates are for Mommies who are desperately looking for an escape in the company of other adults who may be able to relate to this particularly challenging and exciting chapter in their lives.  And it's good for the kids too.  I know my child is thrilled to have another face or two to look at during the day.

One day we had a little sing-a-long with the wonderful Jessie (our awesome babysitter and friend).  She had her guitar and the kids showed interest for a good three and a half minutes.   The adults had fun singing, anyway.
"The driver on the bus says....."
These two were using the guitar case as percussion.
John Paul being adorable and Kate being....
...well, Kate! :)
Benamin (as Gianna calls him)
Sarah and Therese (who belongs to Kate)
Therese is 100% Yummy!!!!
Foregoing the sing-a-long for animal apps on the iPhone.
Gianna ditching Mommy since Mommy seemed a little partial to the boys.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
My dear friend Deborah, from the ol' CYO days in high school, came in from Houston with her 3 year old daughter Katelin.  We met at the new and fantastic Ward 3 park.
It was the first time Gianna got to play in a water fountain. 
She had a ball.
Katelin was sweet enough to share her smaller pink cover-up with Gianna.
I got tickled watching them walk hand in hand.
I don't mean this in poor taste, but it looks to me like Barbie and Skipper are off to a Klan meeting.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And some of our out of town friends came in and we were able to all gather for quick playdate.
I hate that I forgot my good camera....had to use the phone for these.
Gianna was fascinated by their cat.
The cat, however, was not as fascinated with Gianna.
Gianna is typically one of the only girls in all the different circles of friends we have.
This gathering had John Paul as the minority in a sea of sweet little girls.
These munchkins range from 14 months to 22 months.

Thank heavens for Play Dates - and precious friends to enjoy them with.

I'm lovingly dedicating this post to all those people who are "concerned" that Gianna's not getting socialized since she's not in day care or Mother's Day Out. :)
Don't worry...they won't be scathed by that snarky remark, as I'm fairly certain those folks don't read my blog.


  1. Ahh love these pics! Wish we could have been there.

  2. Love those babies! Also loved your small print at the bottom...

  3. Oh, my, the klan comment made me laugh! So hard. Can you imagine?


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