Friday, May 21, 2010

Fired Up

This morning we took a little trip to a local fire station. Man, those firemen are wonderful and to put up with a bunch of busy one and two years olds and their moms - they should get a prize.  It was actually fascinating and I really enjoyed hearing about what goes on. 

The kids were pretty engaged for being so young, and I'm sure getting to drive the fire truck didn't hurt either.
Here are some quick pics:

* * * * * * * * * * *
Another reason we're "fired up" is because we're heading out on a trip later today. We're going to Kansas City, KS to be with my husband's parents. They haven't seen Gianna in over a year. And she's never even met her only cousin, Stephen, until tomorrow. I've been trying to prepare her for our "Big Trip" this last week. Here's a glimpse of her understanding...

Yep, going to "Tannas Titties!"  Cracks us up.

I'm wondering (during my final stage of packing) just it is that we thought driving a 13 hour trip was going to be a great idea?  I'm keeping optimistic but am plagued with occasional bouts of doubt and dread.  Well, either way - I oughtta have some good bloggin' material. 


  1. oh my. 13 hours. is that with or without all the stops? : ) i'll be praying for you guys. hope you have a great time in tannas titties!
    i LOVE the picture of you and Gianna from the fire station - y'all are so beautiful!

  2. How did you capture so many great photos? We had such a super time, wish we could have visited! Good luck on your trip, I'm sure she'll be a trooper! That and you really are great at entertaining her!


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