Monday, May 31, 2010

Sick and Tired

We're all sick....technically.
Last Tuesday. Kansas City. Urgent Care Clinic. 
We discover after two mornings of 102* fever, Gianna has an ear infection ~ preceeded by a week of nasal congetion.  An antibiotic script gets her on the way to recovery.

That night as we were packing our way too many belongings to leave for Branson, I looked at Iain and said, "I sure wish we were going home tomorrow."  I'd been sleeping on the floor (not such a big deal) and my allergies were acting up. Gianna had been an amazing little traveler, but she was more clingy and overscheduled than usual. I was spent.  My precious husband looked at me and said...."Let's go home - I'm done."

So, as my inlaws caught their flight to Florida, we got on the road.  About an hour into our trip, sneezing consisting, I realized I wasn't dealing with allergies.  I was getting sick.  Iain wasn 't feeling well either.   We drove into bad weather. Terrible rain, then hail. Fantastic.

We both hoped to drive all the way through so we could wake up in our own beds - but there was no way.  I was miserable.  Gianna was stir crazy. Iain was exhausted.  We stopped in Arkadelphia.  I tried to explain to Gianna what a hotel was. Last time she stayed in one she was 8 months old.

We got to our room and she was so cute. She ran and ran and explored and almost ordered room service. Iain and I were so miserable than we didn't even eat supper. They didn't have a room with a king sized bed, so we got two doubles.  Guess who got to sleep with the munchkin? (How did my husband manage an entire week of having a bed to himself?) She has NEVER slept in bed with me/us.  Not because we didn't want it - she just always did much better on her own.  So she played and tossed and turned until she fell asleep - horizontally. Great.  I guess it was safer. (We are definitely having Pack-n-Play boot camp in the near future to re-acclimate her to that wonderful invention. Big mistake on my part.)

We were beyond happy to be home.  Gianna played and played and played when we arrived - so glad to be in her familiar surrounding. She still looks at me and says, "Home." 

So we've been home since Thursday and sick as dogs. I'm not sure if we look, sound or feel worse. We're pathetic.  And it's a cold....nothing serious.  In our eight years together, we have never been sick at the same time. Pretty amazing odds.....pretty unfortunate reality right now.  Part of the problem is that Gianna feels great and is running circles around us.

Thank heavens Iain's still off of work.

I certainly don't mean to sound so whiny.  Just posting as a reminder to ourselves next time we get so ambitious in travel planning. :)


  1. Get well soon! I can't wait to hear about your trip!

  2. Good gracious!!! So sorry to hear that you are both miserable. I can only laugh that Gianna was so happy to be home!!! Hope you are enjoying your bed!!! Feel better soon, hopefully some good homemade soup can help!

  3. So sorry to hear of all your travel horror stories. NO FUN! Hope you're all feeling better very soon.


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