Sunday, January 16, 2011


It doesn't get that cold all that often in south Louisiana.....but when it does, it really seems to throw a wrench in the lives of moms with small children.  Some days it's either go stir crazy at home, go to Wal-mart or the Mall or go outside and freeze the bajeebeez off you and your kids - just to break free from the prison walls of home.
We opted for a quick bajeebeez freeze the other day when G and Jessie and I swung by the Civic Center to feed the ducks on our way to drop Jessie (our sweet friend and awesome babysitter) home.

We didn't stay long, but it was so worth the effort. 
I wish she were a little afraid of animals.

This hungry seagull freaked us out a bit as he flew directly in front of us and "back-flapped" his wings so he looked like a humming bird staying in place ---- waiting for the food he demanded. 
I'm telling you ---- Hitchcock movie!
Here's a little video of this crazy bird...

It ended with one of his friends sending me a little present from above. Yuck.

SO happy to be outside!
Jessie had as much fun as Gianna did....

Jessie and two of her Lewis Land fan club charter members....
Fun little field trip.....but always nice to be cozy at home.

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