Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas Joy - Part I

Christmas was lovely, and simple and abundant.
We stayed home in the morning and opened gifts from Santa.
She got a little ambitious in gift opening - assuming ALL the gifts were hers.
After naptime, we made our way to Memaw and Pepaw's house.
Major Overload!!!!
Gianna got an awesome real keyboard that has tons of songs in it's memory bank and even can teach you how to play them.  And there's a jack for a microphone. (Yes, the phrase, "What was I thinnking?" has come up more than a few times.)

Speaking of microphones....
,,,one came with her Karaoke machine from Uncle Vinnie.  Oh my word ~ I can't wait to post videos of that!  She loves music SO much and has an amazing memory for lyrics.
I'm sure I'll be questioning my brilliant gift ideas in the future, but I know she'll have hours of fun with both gifts. 
My dad's comment was the best, "Are you sure you really want to amplify her?"
What can we say?  The girl's got a voice and some serious volume all on her own!
But she sure makes us smile!
Posing for the camera is not on her 'fun things to do' list.
The little red riding coat makes up for it, though. :)
Yep....she sure brings joy to OUR world.

* * * * *
I found a cute little Santa app on my iPhone which I used to send a message to Gianna.

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