Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Surprising Friendship

Our dog Max has always loved children. He's so sweet with them and is usually beside himself when they enter our home.  When Gianna joined our family, I was shocked that he wanted little to do with her.  It was about three months before they actually acknowledged each other.

* * * * *
Between age one and two, Gianna saw Max as a play toy - and a way to get Max's (and Mommy's) attention. She all but tortured the poor dog (who is a REMARKABLY good sport.)

Within the last three months....there's been a turn of events.  A sweet little friendship has formed and they have each found a playmate in the other.  One of the funniest things that they do revolves around the game of 'fetch' with Max's toy bear.  Max never really caught on to the concept of release an object once he brings it back to you.  You have to, all but, tear it from his ferocious grip.  This is exactly what makes their game so funny. 

Gianna has realized that Max won't let go, so she uses ever one of her 29 pounds to drag Max around the house by his toy bear.  Once they get off the carpet and onto the wood floor - they take off and she'll do laps around the house with Max in tow.

It just makes me laugh.

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