Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seeing Red

Every time I hear stories of toddlers vandelizing their homes with markers and crayons - I'm always amazed how we managed to escape that means of creative expression thus far.  I'm sure it has a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have all those fun tools out of sight and reach ~ and most of the time I'm watching her like a hawk (or at least listening for her.)

Today, our streak ended. Sort of.

I'm happy to report that Lewis Land remains unscathed, but my parents' house is where the streak ended (or began - depending on how you look at it.)

My mom offered to watch Gianna for me for a few hours today, so I could get some things accomplished.  I was a little wary of leaving her through nap time - mainly because of all the irritating sleep issues we've experienced lately.  My mom called me to tell me she had just put her down and she was quiet. Yes!

Well, about an hour or so later, my phone rang.  I saw it was my mom and answered by saying, "I'm on my way."  Her response:  "I hope you like red."  Oh heavens.  "What happened?" I asked with dread in my voice.  She said, "You'll see when you get here."

When I arrived, G was in her high chair with a sheepish grin.  "I red." 
I didn't see any red on her face - but as my eyes scanned her body I saw the damage. Streaks of red marker all over her clothes, her hands.  "What happened?" I asked my mother.

Memaw's Testimony:
"Well, I put her down, told her a story and said I'd be back when she woke up.  I left the room and she was so quiet.  An hour later when I heard her stirring, I went in to check on her.  MARIA! YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT!  She emptied my drawers, there was paper from my desk EVERYWHERE and she decorated the entire room with a red marker (still missing)."

My poor mother, with red eyes to match the marker mess, escorted me to their bedroom. Every cleaning product she owned was on the counter.  I didn't take any pictures, but my mom said later she wish she would have.  You know how it is - it's only funny after you start talking about it.

I spotted a Magic Eraser and bottle of Oxyclean and I got to work.  I managed to get it all of the wall, almost completely off the upholstered chair,  most of it out of the carpet, all of it off the wooden desk, Pope John XXIII's face is now red-free, as our my mom's prayer books, bible and picture frames.

Now how is it that when I pick up a marker, it usually dries out 90 seconds after I start writing?  I'm just so grateful it was not a black marker....and not my house.....and not on my watch.  :)

If it makes you feel any better, Mom, I got a whole lot done while she was at your house!

As for all the red artwork....maybe you can just consider it an early Valentine's gift for you! :)

After the little episode, I had to run an errand to Target.  Gianna calls it the "red store." 
Fitting for the day, don't you think?

Here's G's testimony: (Ignore the finger in the nose.)

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