Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the gig is up

 No, not jig - gig -- as in gigabyte.
Did you no that the photos you upload to Blogger are stored on Picasa?  They are (and I'll tell you how I figured that out in a minute) and apparently you only get a gigabyte's worth of free storage and Blogger. (Both Blogger and Picasa are owned by Google -- so is Picnik!) 
Anyway, that's pretty generous in terms of storage, but now my gig is up.  I've used an entire gig's worth of photostorage in two and a half years.  Holy Cannoli!   The good thing is that you can buy more storage for super-cheap. I bought 20 gigs for $5 a year. Not too shabby.
(Here's my first picture on my new 20 gig memory.)
So here's my Picasa story.
One day I decided to store my photos online as well as on my hard drive.  I did some research and it was between Picasa and Flickr for me.  I figured I'd go with Picasa since it was user friendly and there were a lot of photo-editing tools.  When I went to the site I saw a ton of my pictures already there.  I realized they were from my blog. I wanted to store them in a more organized fashion so I started deleted pics. Guess what folks?  If you delete your blog pics from Picasa, you delete them from your blog. Brilliant!  Thankfully, after a few files, it wouldn't let me delete more and then I did some scouring.  Ugh.  I had to go back and upload those deleted pics back onto my blog.
Brilliant, Maria.
It certainly could've been much worse.

Moral of the story:  Don't do what I did.
Leave Picasa alone.

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