Tuesday, March 01, 2011


When we were experiencing that horrible sleep strike last month, I realized that G was using 'rocking' to try and manipulate us.  It worked fairly well because we don't often have the opportunity to hold her and rock her because she's so darn independent and busy.

After one frustrating episode when she was begging me to rock her at naptime - I dragged the rocker to our bedroom and told her that was it -- the rocker was in time out.

I guess I disarmed her and all of a sudden bedtime started getting easier.
Coincidentally, one of my friends who is a new mom had just posted on FB that she was looking for a good deal on a glider rocker.  I thought about it, talked to Iain and called her to tell her we wanted to offer our rocker to them.  We told Gianna that baby Joseph needed it more than we did and she was totally fine with it. 
So just like that...
The rocking chair disappeared from Lewis Land.

And we all lived to tell about it.
Oh, there's a tiny little part of me that was sad that this chapter is over. 
And there's another tiny part of me that is a little sad to think that it's possible that there may never be another baby in Lewis Land to rock and cuddle.
Don't worry we're not giving up hope - but that's just part of the uncertainty that is very real in our adoption journey.  And my sweet husband assured me that if we're blessed with another baby, then we'll get another rocker. 

* * * * * * * * *

And in related news, night-time and nap-time sleep is the best it's ever been! (Knock on wood.)
We even said bye-bye to the bed rail on her new twin bed.
She pushed the rail one day during nap time and fell over it.
I figure it was more of a hazard than falling out of bed, so I removed it.
We've had tremendous success.
I keep a memory foam topper under her bed and pull it out when she's napping or sleeping.  She's fallen out twice - but doesn't seem to be bothered by it.
Our little girl is growing up.

* * * * * * * * *
Oh, and if you've read about her challenging behavior as of late - you'll be happy to know Gianna has be DELIGHTFUL these last few days.  It's been so nice to have her back - we missed our sweet natured Gianna desperately during that rough patch.  (And magically - the word poo poo has disappeared with that crummy little disposition!  Hallelujah!!!)

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