Friday, March 04, 2011

A Visit from Los Abuelos

Iain's parents traveled down to Louisiana from Kansas City to visit our family. They hadn't been here since Gianna was nine months old (we did go there last year, however).  It's different experiencing kids in their own familiar environment.  They were tickled by Gianna's antics and creative conversations and musical performances.  (And they were here when "poo-poo" was the word of the day - and they thought it was HILARIOUS.)

Their granparent names were going to be Abuelito and Abuelita, but when Gianna was little she called them Tito and Tita.  We just thought that was so that's who they are today. :)

 While Iain was working one day, Gianna and I took them to the Lake Front and they marveled at all of the beautiful changes.

Oh how we appreciate this little monkey...
 We did lots of playing at the house and Tito and Tita spend lots of time swinging our little monkey.

Gianna is very blessed to know all of her grandparents.
Gianna was sad to see her midwestern grandparents leave - and she's grieving having live-in playmates! (This kid needs a sibling!)  But alas! - We will be seeing them again at the end of May - in FLORIDA!  Yippeeee.

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  1. How sweet - especially the last picture. She'll treasure it forever.


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