Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy's "Projeck"

A couple of months ago, we moved G to a twin bed.  I ordered a safety railing for just one side (since the bed was against the wall.) I was pleased with my purchased and thought it would be perfect during our the transition into a big girl bed.

During nap-time one day (when she was going through one of her exhausting behavioral stages) she pushed the railing and fell over it.  She wasn't hurt at all, but I removed the rail immediately, not really because I didn't feel it was safe, but more because I really coudn't trust Gianna's actions.  Sometimes she'd wake up in the middle of the night and stand up, like she would in her crib with her arms outstretched and I think the rail offered her a false security.

Anyhow, I needed another fix and I'd already spent $35 on the bed rail, so I wasn't excited about paying more for something I wasn't sure would work.  I saw these bolsters online...
I got to thinking, "Hmmm....that doesn't look like it would be hard to make."
So I thought some more and remembered I had a pink fleece blanket that wasn't being used as well as those micropedic pillows that we were no longer using.
 So, I cut and sewed a tube out of the fleece and began to empty the contents of the pillow.  Holy Cannoli - those microbeads are tricky little buggers.  They weigh almost nothing and have a trememdous amount of static cling.
 After I managed to create an unwelcomed Winter Wonderland in my kitchen, I yelled to Iain for help.  I wish I would've had pics or video of that!  We really got tickled.
I was really pleased with my finished product.  I think that if I'd have stuffed the bolster with polyfill or the like, it would've beeen too maleable and not as effective.  The microbeads made it rather stiff - in a softish sort of way.
 I place the bolster under the mattress pad and it doesn't go anywhere while she's sleeping.  Gianna really likes it and she's never fallen out of bed since!
It was free and simple and the bed is SO much easier to make in the mornings!
It works for me!

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