Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jelly Book - volume 6

I keep a "JELLY BOOK" of some of the entertaining things that Gianna says and does.
Here's the next selection:

* * * * *
Me:  Gianna, do you know how much I love you?
Her typical answer is 'BIG MUCH!"
This time:
Gianna:  "Finally!"

* * * * *
After a rough little patch after some poor toddler behavior, she obviously sensed I was outdone.
Gianna:  Mommy, maybe you can stop being angry.

* * * * *
Gianna:  Mommy, get me some milk!
Me:  Gianna, that is VERY bossy.  Ask nicely. Please don't be bossy.
Gianna:  That's right.  Only Mommy be bossy.

* * * * *

Gianna:  Aaaaah!  A mosquito. A mosquito. Get it Mommy.
Me:  Calm down, Where is it Gianna?
Gianna:  (panicked)  Right there. Right there. Get it Mommy!
Me: Gianna, I don't see it where is it.
Gianna: (exasperated) Right there on Tomahawk Drive. (name of our street)

* * * * *

Snuggling in bed on a Sunday morning, Gianna told Iain,
"Hey Daddy, I like your nipples."

* * * * *

* * * * *
I was cooking in the kitchen and she was sitting in a chair watching me.
G:  "Whatchya doin', Tartamella?"
(my maiden name -- don't ask me how she managed to orchestrate that sentence!)
Me:  What did you say, Gianna? (not believing what I heard)
Gianna:  Watchya doin', Mommy?
Me:  What did you call me the first time?
Gianna:  (laughing) Tartamella

 * * * * *
Iain took Gianna to Lowe's and Gianna told him, "That lady has a baby in her tummy."
Iain panicked because he saw a lady down the isle who was clearly not pregnant - just stout.  Iain was trying to change the subject with her to spare an awkward situation from happening.  Once they came upon the 'non-pregnant' lady - a visibly pregnant lady passed them up.
"See, daddy?"

* * * * *
Gianna to Iain:  Therese broke her leg, daddy.
Iain:  Who?
Gianna:  Therese did.
Iain (rolling his eyes):  Gianna, Therese didn't break her leg.
Gianna:  She really did, daddy.
Iain looked at me as if I would talk some sense into her.
Me:  She really did, daddy.

* * * * *
We were at a birthday party of a story-time friend and Gianna was swinging next to another little two year old.
Gianna:  Mommy, what's her name?
Me (not remembering):  Ask her.
Gianna to the little girl:  Hi Oscar, I'm Gianna.

(I almost peed in my pants laughing at that one.)

* * * * *
Anytime I tell Gianna no for something her repsonse is always,
"Maybe see, mommy."
(As in maybe we'll see.)

Along the same lines, if I tell Gianna, "Not right now."  Her response is
"Maybe Fursday, Mommy." (Thursday)
I hear this at least 10 times a day and think it's just so cute.

* * * * *
Leaving story time at the library, Gianna ran up to Ms. Elizabeth (lead story-teller) and told her,
"Thank you so much for coming."

* * * * *
I was matching socks in Gianna's room while she played with her kitchen.  She walked up to me and said, "Mommy, thank you so much for working so hard."
Dear heavens....that was better than gold.

* * * * *
I love these little gems.  They seem to balance out the frustrating part of the challenging two's.


  1. Gianna is so precious! I wish I lived closer to you. I love your blog!! I'm sending you and your family much love. XOXO

  2. Thank you Cathy! I would love it we lived closer. Gianna is certainly a hoot and a half.

  3. I love these little gems too! Keep 'em up, Tartamella (j/k)!


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