Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Hey Mommy, let's do a projeck!"

Anyone else finding it increasingly difficult to keep their munchkins entertained and busy without turning on the TV?  Sheesh.  If I don't have something planned - and the phone rings or something or someone else needs my attention - all sorts mayhem could errupt.

Now I will say that within the last month or two, Thanks to my mom, who drops everything to play with her for HOURS when she comes here are we go there...Gianna has learned to pretend with all of her little dolls and figures. Gianna immagination has SKYROCKETED and she can entertain herself for very long stretches of time. 

Lately I've been trying new activities with her and she has come to anticipate the "projecks" we do.  I blogged about one here, and plan to document our little experiments here on our blog.
This is a not-so-new project, but one she is finally mature enough to try without getting herself in trouble.

Hooray for Play Dough.

If any of you guys have any good ideas at this age, I sure wish you'd share 'em with us.


  1. I don't know if you follow Kelly Stamps or not, but she did a post similar to this a few weeks ago. She had several cute ideas, and her readers contributed MANY more. Here is the link:


  2. hey maria!
    It's sarah's sister, emily.
    We love projects as are a few, very easy, no plan things I keep ready in case i am on the phone or busy...
    i keep dried red beans and rice in a large size tupperware with a smaller tupperware stored inside. They can "sort" the red beans from the rice with a small spoon for virginia and a small mesh strainer for owen...if there is a mss of rice, they sweep it themselves afterwards with the kiddie broom...i just dump everything back into the bowls waiting ti be sorted again next time.
    i also let them play on the floor in the kitchen with water! sounds like a disaster but really its not...i lay an old, big towel down and give them a plastic container with 2-3 inches of water. I give them somethings from the cupboards that both float and sink...they love it if i put a couple ice cubes...also measuring spoons and cups are fun. virginias imagination really shows- they play swimming pool, iceberg, and fish games...???
    This idea I got from my mom- this is for outside, swimsuit optional (am i the only one whose kids love to be "necked babies") i get a pack of a couple cheap drop clothes or use freezer paper and let them paint with their fingers/ bodies with vanilla and chocolate pudding...very yummy and fun- finish with the sprinkler or water hose...if you get a plastic drop cloth, you can re-use it!
    hope gianna has fun!
    :), emily


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