Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is the stuff...

Did I mention our house is finally on the market?
This morning the realtors from the agency we're using were coming to tour our home so they can be better prepared to sell it soon, God willing.  It looks great and I'm proud of all the work we've done to make it show-ready.  (Keeping it in show-ready condition with Hurricane Gianna wreaking havoc - is another story.)

On Wednesdays , we go to story time at the library, so I had to leave early in order to take Max (our dog) to our friends' house because the realtor tour and story time were at the same time.
I was so proud of getting the house in order and getting everyone loaded up in the car on time and wouldn't you know it - the dern battery was dead. All of our neighbors work and my family is 30 minutes away, so I had to call my husband at work - 20 minutes away....on one of his busiest days. (I would have felt more guilty if it weren't my husband who left a light on which drained the battery.)

We missed story time, the rest of my itenerary for the day got blown to bits, and my 2 year old was asking a billion questions as my dog whining to get out of his kennel.  I was so full of frustration, that I burst into tears over the steering wheel of my broken car.  About 15 minutes later a song came on the radio by Francesca Battistelli and I instantly knew God fingerprints were all over it and the timing.  It's called "This is the Stuff" and if you haven't heard it, it's worth a listen.  I dedicate this to all the harried moms out there who are bombarded with frustrations today.  (Beneath the video is a link to  Behind the Making of "This is the Stuff."   

Behind The Song: This Is The Stuff (

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