Saturday, March 05, 2011

Little Monkey at the Zoo

While Iain's parents were in town from Kansas City, we took a day trip over to Houston to visit some of their friends from their hometown in Nicaragua.  Since we were right there, we thought we'd piggy-back a trip to the zoo with that visit.  It was a great idea. 

Aren't meerkats so much fun to watch?
Gianna got quite a kick out of the reptiles.
She saw this one and said,
"Mommy!  A baby dinosaur!"
The albino alligator was amazing.

My little snake charmer....
This gila monster was ENORMOUS.
Gianna got the biggest kick out of the elephant dusting himself with sand. 
We all were a little stunned by the elephant's next little performance. Yikes!!!!
(let's just say it didn't help the poo poo mutterings)
I'm definitely not a cat person ---- however,
...these cats are beautiful.

And then there were the monkeys...

 This guy was amazing to look at. Kinda looked like a Zulu tribe leader.
And then there's the most entertaining monkey of all....
I can't remember the name of this animal, but it looks part donkey and part zebra. So cool.
And the animal that was Gianna's FAVORITE?
Yup....the zebra on the merry-go-round.
* * * * *
And although these two may not be in their natural habitat....
...they certainly are my favorite.

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  1. Oh this post just made my day. I just love Gianna's facial expressions. She can go from laughing to the most serious expression I've ever seen. She looks like she means business!


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