Sunday, November 22, 2009


Okay, so I'm not actually 'grounding' my 16 month old - but this titile might give you a better clue about what you're looking at in these pictures.

We have a really cool compost bin for the fantastic organic garden that we keep saying we're going to have "next season." (Compost and good intentions ought to make for a kickin' garden!) Anyway, coffee grounds are great for compost - so before I coud put them in the compost bin this morning, they sat in a Wal-mart bag on my very high counter.

Apparently, little Sticky Fingers Lewis mananaged to pull it down by her very determined reach...and she was intrigued and exctied to find such a gritty treasure.

And, yes, she gave it a taste. Yuck. She didn't seem at all disgusted and apparently the whole experience completely outweighed the actual taste and texture.

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