Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank Heavens

I've stormed heaven many times for many years with many prayers. Today I stop - in the midst the blessings of all my answered (and unanswered) prayers - to give thanks:

For the precious husband for whom I waited my whole life.
For the glimpses of growth that I've witness in my own life and in my husbansd's.
For knowing that we are working toward becoming who we are called to be has been a marvelous (and sometimes painful) gift.
For a beautiful and strong marriage that has endured countless tests - marked by both scars and grace.
For and beautiful and strong (willed) daughter who brings brilliant sunshine into our every day and causes us to strive for better.
For my family who adores our sweet girl - and us - and offers abundant help and love at every turn.
For my puppy - who just may love me more than anyone on the planet.
For husband's job during these unstable economic times.
For the grace in seeing the gift in my "paycheck-less" job - even on the days when I question my sanity, purpose and value.
For my home, my handy husband's repair and refurbishing skills, my penny-pinching and creative style and the realization that I don't have to have a magazine cover home to exude beauty and hospitality.
For my faith, my mustard seed faith, and my continually renewed faith in a most gracious and loving Father.
For the amazing friendships God has brought into my life: some spanning decades, some brand-new, and some re-newed - bringing hope, love and blessing to my daily life.
* And Im still thankful for Tivo and not having to watch commercials.
So, thank you, Lord, for my life and the desire to please You with it.

Yesterday I traced Gianna's little hand to make the traditional little Thanksgiving turkey handprint. As I blog-hopped I found this adorable idea to make a turkey applique from little handprints. I did it in an hour and all with stuff I already had. FREE. I even had a little collared onesie that had a few marks on it that I couldn't remove. After she wears it, I think I may even take it apart and make a Thanksgiving placemat for next year.

I can't wait to put this little turkey on my little turkey today. I'll have to post pics of her later*.
*This is later:

Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.

Looks like tryptophan hit in the van!

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  1. Very beautiful post. There is so much for all of us to be thankful for. I liked your TIVO comment - hehe! We all too often get caught up in 'life' that we forget to realize how blessed our 'life' really is.
    That shirt is awesome! So talented :o)


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