Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Treats

Halloween '09 started off the day with a pancake breakfast. 

I had been wanting to try pumpkin pancakes (not pumpkin, the ingredient - but pumpkin, the color and shape.)

Well, let's just say they look a little more like peaches, than pumpkins.  The way I figure it, I've got another two years to sharpen my skills before my daughter will know any differentt....I knew I'd better start to practice now.

Even though we had a busy day planned, there were some special little goblins that I wanted to have treats for.  I totally swiped this idea, but they came out so cute.

We had a great big bowl of treats for our regular trick-or-treaters.  After about 45 minutes with just ONE kid at our door, we bagged up our candy and walked across to our neighbor's house on our side street dumping all our sweet treats into their stash.  The way our neighborhood is situated, our house tends to get skipped over and we were already whooped by the day's events, so we thought we'd pass the torch.  They were happy, we were happy, and  the kids were happy.  Ta-da!  Creative problem solving at it's best.
We also went and met our good friends at a local church who sponsored a Fall Fest that afternoon.  Holy Moly! It was such a delightful surprise.  Tons of stuff for kids of all ages...even the little bitties.  Our godchild, Nate - the fireman came too.

And Hunter, as a pretty doggone authentic Woody.

And sweet Marie, as the most precious Dorothy.

There were even pony rides and the most adorable petting zoo.

It was a good day.  And it wore us ALL out.  Thank heavens we got the chance "fall back" that night.

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  1. Those pancakes are awesome! What'd you use, a squirt bottle?

  2. Next year I'll use the squirt bottles. This year I just used a ziploc bag....not as much control. Maybe I'll try some Christmas trees this December.


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